Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pearson Math Online Tips and Tricks

These tips and tricks will hopefully make your online experience with Pearson Math a success!  A great place to start, once you've entered in your class roster, is to use your lesson planner.  Make sure you set up your Lesson Planner under the "Planning".  You can drag and drop your lessons onto your calendar once you've set it up.  If you click on the lesson you can view it in a new detailed window.  There is also an "edit plan" button at the top right of the screen.  From there you can upload a document or add a link to a website that will support your lesson.  You can also print your lesson in a PDF version for a substitute teacher.  The PDF version will work best. 

Assigning tests and having students take the tests in the computer lab is a great way to get instant data for yourself as a teacher and to provide feedback to your students.  You can assign tests by going to the "Content" tab and clicking on "tests".  From there choose your test type and then left click on the assessment and hit assign.  Remember it takes a few minutes for those tests to show up on your students login screen so assign it well before you want them to take the test.  It is possible to create your own assessments in the Planning tab under my tests.  You might like this if your pacing guide requires you to touch on only parts of the topic units.  Remember that your students will get interventions assigned to them based on their test performance. 

Looking under the "Reports" tab will really give you a picture of how your students are currently performing on their EO's.  You can check for lesson progress, mastery of skills, class progress, and an item analysis. 

The Intervention Kit is a great resource for supporting those lower performing students.  You can find the intervention kit like this:  Click on the premiun button beside your online book picture >click on the topic your students are covering>click on teacher edition on the right side of the screen>click to open book>under the purple tab labled printable resources you will see the intervention resources.

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