Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great QR Code Social Studies Project

Recently, I had the opportunity to help out with a great Social Studies project created by 4th grade teacher Mrs. Sharae Geldes (@SGeldes) from Two Springs Elementary School and I was so impressed!

She started by creating another page in her
WEEBLY webpage called Tour The South and made pages with links to different places in the South and clues on each page.

She created QR codes on a
Google QR creator of each page and printed the QR code.  She put those QR codes on a bright green paper backing and hung them all over the school for students to find.I helped by bringing a couple of iPads along & my iPod touch for the kids to use and of course being support and team-teaching with her.  Mrs. Geldes put her students together in groups of 3 or 4.  Armed with their IPads or iPod the students started around the school on the QR code scavenger hunt of the South.   THEY WERE SO ENGAGED!  and having a great time!  

As they went from Code to Code they had to write down specific information about what they found at each stop which they would turn into Mrs. Geldes at the end of class.

The following week my Colleague
Ann Feldmann (@techiefeldie) and I returned to help with the project some more and have the students review the Weebly page.  Then in the computer lab Mrs. Geldes told them to pick one place out of the 10 that they would like to go to.  We fired up Google Earth and took the kids there and in most instances we were able to use street view and cruise around the actual places, buildings, & historic sites within the project.  The kids loved it!

I was struck by a couple of things within this project that Mrs. Geldes created and I assisted with:  once again students were engaged with the influence of technology within the lesson.  Making Social Studies come to life!

Finally, Mrs. Geldes spent some time to put this together, but she made this lesson so much better for the time she invested for her students.  Kudos to her!

I enjoyed being a part of it and am excited to take a project like this to others in the district.

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