Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Creating a "Pin-able" Image

As you move from curator to creator on Pinterest, you will want to know how to create a pin-able image for your blog posts or websites so you can pin your own creations.

Since Pinterest is a way to visually curate content, it is important people know exactly what they are viewing.  Oftentimes, this means you need to add text to your image to make it easier for viewers.

To create a "pin-able" image with text, do the following:

Step 1.  On your Mac, open the image in Preview.

Step 2.  Click on Tools ---> Annotate----> Add Text

Step 3.  Type text on your image.  Edit the text using the text tool bar.

Step 4.  Export the image.  Click  File -> Export.   Select the destination for your image and give it a name!

Now you have an image with text you can use on your blog posts or website and people can PIN. Add the image to your blog or website and now you can easily pin your own ideas to your pin boards and share! 

You can also add text to images in Pages and PowerPoint too. Just save the slides as a .JPEG and you can insert the images on posts or websites.

Happy Pinning!

Written by Ann Feldmann

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