Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Own Innovative Bellevue East Students - Winning 2nd Place!!

Ann Feldmann and I has the pleasure of checking out some amazing tech inventions at yesterday's IT Innovation Cup Contest.  This competition hosted area high schools from around Omaha, including Bellevue East, Burke, Gross, and Creighton. Each group was challenged with creating a new assistive technology.  This was a challenged accepted by our very own Bellevue East students last September and the students committed themselves to this project. They worked diligently, researching, collaborating and creating, under the guidance of Mr. Derek Babb, mostly outside of the normal school day.

Students created a medication dispenser that sorts pills automatically.  The inspiration came from one of the students who had lived with a grandparent and witnessed the chore of sorting medicine each day.  The students overcame a number of technical challenges and did a fantastic job of creating a device, web site, mobile app, presentations and videos to demonstrate their invention.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Our Bellevue East students won 2nd place!   They won $750 to split among themselves and their work was highly regarded by the judges and public viewers at last night's event.  Way to go @ChieftainNation and Mr. Babb!
Written by Jenny Krzystowczyk

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