Monday, May 19, 2014

Operation Read 2014

327 students on 68 teams representing all 15 elementary schools in Bellevue Public Schools  gathered at the Lied Center on Thursday, May 8 for the annual Operation Read contest.  This academic contest which started out years ago as a friendly competition between two schools has grown into a major culminating event for many students in grades 4, 5, and 6.
In the fall, students began by reading books from the Golden Sower list, which is the Nebraska children’s choice award list. After reading the books, teams of 3 to 6 students formed and started preparing for the May contest in earnest.  With the help of librarians, teachers, and parents, teams studied the books and practiced answering questions. Each school was allowed to have up to six teams with a total of 30 students involved.
During the contest, answers were recorded electronically using clickers.  Students immediately knew if they were correct.  Their detailed knowledge of the books was incredible. By the end of two rounds, the atmosphere at the Lied was electric as students waited to see if they were in the final round.
This year 11 teams competed in the final round. After 10 very difficult questions, it came down to a sudden death contest between teams from Belleaire and Birchcrest.  Both teams matched answers point for point until the 4 question. At that point, Birchcrest answered correctly and Belleaire did not, making Birchcrest the winning school.  Both teams received medals and the coveted traveling trophy will reside at Birchcrest until the next contest.

Students on the 2nd place Belleaire team were:
Stephanie Hernandez
Felicia Perez-Magrans
Jaylor Whetstone
Anthony Wiglusz
Paige Wilson

Students on the winning Birchcrest team were:
Nikki Beaulieu
Breck O'Grady
Kelsie McBlain
Jack Mettin
Breonna Gill

Their coach, Mr. David McBain, Kelsie’s grandfather, practiced with them 3 times a week for 3 months.

Congrats to all the students who participated!

Written by Terry Osborn, guest blogger

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