Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's Time For A Little Google Drive Clean-Up

It’s that time of year when teachers get to dig into summertime projects that have been piling up throughout the school year.  You know the ones, your pantry needs to be wiped down and organized, your kids' closets need to be sorted, donated, and organized, and that greying fence could use a fresh coat of paint.  Well guess what, your Google Drive closet could use some TLC as well!  If you’ve been using Google Drive all year, here is a list of six things you will want to accomplish before the new school year.  

1.)  Go through and delete old student folders.  If you have templates that you want to reuse simply move them to a template folder and delete the old student work.
2.)  Make a copy of forms that you use frequently like lunch count, field trip or contact information and rename it for the coming year.  Then delete the old data.
3.)  Update your Google Drive App and be sure to download the new Sheets and Docs apps on your iPad or tablet.
4.)  If you have folders that hold documents and projects that you use every year and you need to copy the entire folder you can do that by using this script.  Just authorize the script and add the alphanumeric information from the URL and rename your new folder.  Works like a charm!
5.)  Unshare any private documents to individuals who no longer need access to it.  This is especially important for any special education teachers.  
6.)  Look at your Google Drive in “My Drive” view and scroll all the way to the bottom.  You will see any unorganized or loose docs there.  Be sure to go through those and place them in a new folder or the appropriate folder.  

Just like any organizational system, things can get away from you pretty quickly!  Taking the time to sort through your digital closets once a year is a great idea.  Now you can start your year off organized and ready to roll!  

And don’t worry, it can wait until right before school.  That’s the beauty of using Google.  It’s always there waiting for you when you need it!  

Written By: Jenny Krzystowczyk


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