Monday, December 19, 2011

Be An Expert In What You Have

The Christmas season is a time to consider, to ponder, to take a moment to rethink some goals and choices.  I know for myself I have declared 2012 the year of savings and more fitness.  As I become a more ardent user of my much-loved iPad I am beginning to realize that purchasing apps and using apps requires the same amount of consideration.

Everyday I get a great little email from one of my pages by John Evans that I follow.  A recent email had a list of the best APPS of 2011 by @coolcatteacher.  When I first began following this particular page I always got excited to view the newest APP or the top ten must have APPS, or how about the best Notetaking APP ever!  I’d eagerly click on the link and read through the review of the apps and, more often than not, download the app.  

What I discovered after this frequent routine was that I already had what I needed on my iPad.  As so often is the case there are multiple apps to do one task-take notes, edit photos, create a voice email, dictate notes.  During the Christmas season we are all bombarded by so many choices from food, gifts, bargains, and which parties to attend.  It’s important to be considerate in what you choose.  We often have more than we need.  The question becomes, “Does what I have work for me?”  If the answer is yes, then stop downloading repetitive apps.  Become an expert in the few you have.  

I still love getting that little email from, but now I am more careful and considerate as to what I dump onto my iPad.  I use Evernote, but I like Notability for the doodling capabilities.  But really, why do I need to doodle on my notes?  I can doodle on Doodlebuddy.  I use Flipboard for my reading and social media collections so I don’t need to get Zite.  We live in a culture of more is better, but personally being proficient in less makes me feel content.  

Merry Christmas to all of our readers!  Thank you for taking the time to read what we think is a valuable blog and stay considerate in your choices. 

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