Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Trendy Tech Words for 2011

Through twitter, colleagues, and professional learning networks we get to hear all kinds of trendy tech words.  Here are the top ten of our favorite trendy tech words of 2011.

curate - (verb)  Gather information from the web and manage the information.  Think of an art curater getting ready for a gallery opening.  As a curater on the web you can collect information and create a great looking digital magazine in no time!

doc’n - (verb) Using Google Docs to rock a classroom! Share, collaborate, and publish!

iTot - (noun) Babies born with an iPad in their hand.  They only know the iRevolution!!

publish - (verb) The 21st century way to hand in an assignment.  Publish to the web, a blog, a teacher website, or on Twitter!

QR code - (noun)  A mysterious code that causes people to be so curious they have to scan it to see what it means!  A great way to make learning fun is to take kids on a QR scavenger hunt!

re-sync- (verb) Adding apps to iDevices.  Synch and resync are the names of the games.  Having the ability to resync your devices gives teachers the best control over what is best for their students.

teep:  (noun) Teacher friends who are on Twitter.  Think of “my peeps”, but the they are specifically teachers and connected via Twitter.

#tt4t - (noun)  Tech Tools For Teaching. The hashtag for all of our Bellevue Teeps or Tweeps!  Follow it, Use it, Love it!

validate - (verb, adjective)  1.  To make someone feel like they have been heard about a topic and that they are correct!  2.  The way people feel when they get a comment on something they publish

words with friends -  (noun)  A hugely popular online scrabble game connected to your social network.  One time I had 20 words with friends going at a time!  Never a dull moment when waiting to pick up a kid from piano!

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