Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Attitude and Victories

I’ve been relatively unplugged for Christmas and New Year’s, and now am ready to roll!  I will admit to checking my twitter feed a few times, but didn’t do much with it.  I downloaded a book and read it in two days.  I posted two things on Facebook.  I looked up a few recipes and worked on family picture orders using Google docs.  For me this was very little time spent in the digital world compared to what I do on a daily basis at work!  It’s important to give yourself a break and be more available to those you love.  That is what I hope I did over the Holidays.

Now that I have made it through the Holidays, I am back now at my desk pondering what is ahead of myself and my incredible teammates this year!  We’ve got some lofty goals ahead of us!  Some of those goals are focused on our own professional development and others that hopefully include some changes for our district.  We know there will be some obstacles that we don’t have control over, but we also know that with our positive attitudes and persistence we will learn more, change more, create more, and impact student achievement! 

It’s a great feeling to come back from a break and be ready to go.  To be excited about the future.  It really is attitude that makes a difference.  We could be worried about what is ahead and wondering if we can actually accomplish everything we’ve set out to do.  But that would only waste precious time and energy.  Instead we focus on what we can accomplish and relish our small victories!  If you look closely enough you can find at least one victory a day and know you’ve made a difference.  Small victories include a pat on the back, a smile from a child in your classroom, learning a new skill, getting a phone call from a parent who just wants to say “thanks”.  These matter!   We will reach our goals big and small this year.  I just know it! 

So here’s to 2012 and all the victories yet to come - BIG and small!

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