Wednesday, January 18, 2012


An easy way to build enthusiasm is to say yes AND!  My colleagues and I are dreamers.  When we collaborate, we create an energy by building on to each other’s ideas until we have developed something that none of us ever would have dreamed of alone.   This happens because we are all fired up about, encouraged, and validated with saying yes AND to each other!

This can be difficult if there is a Yeah--BUT in the room. You may have seen a Yeah--BUT or two where you work.  A Yeah--BUT is an idea stopper.  A Yeah--but stops collaboration and brainstorming. Ideas die.   Individuals in the group are fearful to raise a hand to timidly suggest another ideas after witnessing a Yeah--BUT in action.

Twitter is a Yes-AND environment.  In the Yes--AND world, an idea is sent via a tweet, a follower sees the potential of the ideas and retweets the idea, and before long that idea becomes viral.  That same idea that fell flat by a Yeah- BUT in the room is validated and nurtured by a PLN (personal learning network) online.  

Yes - AND can move mountains.  Collaboration is spontaneous. Tangential thinking is  encouraged and nurtured.  There is time for creativity.  Teachers need to be learners for a lifetime.  A Yes - AND attitude is the key to moving forward, being open to new ideas and initiatives, to trying new technologies, and to make a difference with students and colleagues.

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