Thursday, January 19, 2012

Solving the Rubik's Cube the iGeneration Way

 My 12-year-old son is  part of the iGeneration, born in a world with Internet, wi-fi, Google, and abundant iDevices.  Recently, he mastered the Rubik’s Cube, and did so accessing all he needed from the palm of his hand. 

What device did you use for your searching?
“I used my iPod Touch, and started at Google doing a search for How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube. This led me to where I found a step-by-step solution guide on how to solve a 3 x 3 Rubik’s cube. There were also links to some videos.  One was from Tyson Mau. It was pretty good, so,  just watched it.”

Why did you choose Google?
 “Well, I went to Google because you can find anything on Google, anything you want, and anything you need, go to Google.”

Why did you use the iPod Touch?
“Because it was easiest.  I took screen captures of the algorithms on so I could try to memorize them even if I didn’t have Internet. “

What did do once you mastered the Rubik’s Cube?
“I sent it to YouTube.  I recorded myself with my iTouch, edited the it with iMovie on my iTouch, and posted my video to my YouTube channel from my iTouch.”

What’s the trick to solving the Rubik’s Cube?
“Practice. Spending time with it. Memorizing the algorithms. An of course, my iTouch and Google.”

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