Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Techno Advice from Mom

As a mother of a couple of teenagers, I am often dismissed when offering up technology advice to my family.  Even though I do this all day long in my school district and it is part of my title at work, I am just Mom at home.  It is quite humbling actually, but sometimes I actually get through to them. 
This is what happened last week that I wanted to share with all of you!  
Converation one:
My 14 year old daughter:  Mom, can Lucy come over to work on an essay with me?
Me:  Sure what time?
Daughter:  Not sure maybe around 4:00.
Me:  OK.  Is that enough time to get it done?
Daughter:  I think....

So a little while later I am thinking to myself, “Hold on!  At work I would have told a student to just use Google Docs and share with each other!”  I was out of context at home with this question as I have gotten used to the “Mom, don’t treat us like one of your teachers you are training!”

So instead of talking directly to my 14 year old, which doesn’t always go well. I sent her a text from work about how she and her buddy could complete their essay from two different houses if they needed to.

Here is how our text messaging went:    

Me:  I was thinking about your essay today.  If Lucy has a gmail account, you can both be writing at the same time on your docs.  
Just create a new doc and then share it with Lucy.  Might be a fun and a quick way to work together.  Just need two computers.

Daughter:  Wanted to tell u tht me and lucy used google docs   (notice the quick and short reply)

Me:  Great!!  Did it work well?
Daughter:  Yah she was working on the big mac on a paragraph about al capone whilte I was working on the laptop on a paragraph on economy all on the same document!!!  (notice the excitement)  

Me:  Cool!  (Feeling very smart and manipulative!)

Now, if I had gone at her right after our first conversation she probably wouldn't have been as receptive.  It just goes to show that timing and delivery are critical when imparting change.  The other point is that Google Docs just works so well for collaboration and sharing is huge for kids!

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