Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Groovin' at NETA With Kevin Honeycutt

Last week we had the pleasure of attending NETA 12 in Omaha, Nebraska.  While there were so many speakers to choose from and sessions to attend my colleague, Ann Feldmann, @techiefeldie, and I chose to listen to @kevinhoneycutt as much as possible.  He had four awesome sessions about people.  “People”, you might ask, “and not technology?”  Yup!  For Kevin Honeycutt his stories were about people, passion, and changing the world!  
Kevin grew up in poverty and yet despite that he survived and ultimately thrived!  He moves with the passion of an artist and has a spark in his eyes that you cannot deny!   Kevin has figured out how to leverage the tools that are mostly free to empower kids!  He speaks about students learning online safety, changing the way teachers teach, using the talents and skills that people have to become something wonderful!  

We loved his quote, “If you can hook ‘em, you can cook ‘em!”  He gave real life examples of how he has “hooked” kids to engage them in learning.  He spoke about tricking kids into learning in the best ways possible.  He pointed out students could take art classes from him on YouTube from his website  Students could then use as a platform to upload their artwork and become entrepreneurs, google sketchup for graphic design for free, and leveraging Twitter and Facebook to market their products!  He is a master of thinking outside the box with powerful quotes he called Honey Quotes on his webpage.  
Kevin talked about music in education and having jam sessions with iPads.  Ann and I even got to sign his shiny red guitar!  I think we are official groupies of @kevinhoneycutt!  I would love to sit through another day of listening and watching Kevin speak.  He ignited and renewed our spark for learning and training others on the power of joining people with technology 

Written by Ann Feldmann and Jenny Krzystowczyk

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  1. It was my absolute pleasure to hang out with you all! What's cool about my job is seeing the amazing things that teachers do with new ideas. I can't wait to brag about what you do!