Friday, May 11, 2012

Student Council Elections

Want another way to calculate and tally your student council elections?

Want to go PAPERLESS with it?

We have the ticket for you.  Use your set of iPod touches!!  and the SOCRATIVE APP!!

We have blogged about the SOCRATIVE APP before on this post.  Click here.

This is yet another way to utilize these great devices and a FREE APP!

We had close to 300 middle school students come through one class set of 25 iPod touches in a matter of 45 minutes.  The teacher in charge of the Student Council walked around rounding up homerooms to bring to the commons area where we had the touches set up.  With the web-based Socrative program we were able to easily put the 2 students running for President into a question format multiple times over and over again so when a "wave" of kids would come in to vote they would get the next question, which was the same question.  We decided to use the "teacher-led" feature so we would not have students possibly trying to vote multiple times.  In the "teacher-led" atmosphere the teacher has to stop and start the questions, so this was helpful.

It worked really well.

After all the students came through and voted we dumped the results into a spreadsheet and quickly ran a formula to add all the names for us and #BOOM we were done in an instant.  Here is the formula we used: =countif(range,criteria).  We highlighted the area for the range and put " around the criteria which was the name. For example if the student's name was Jenny Smith it would read "Jenny Smith".  It worked beautifully!

Results were in, and we had a WINNER just like that!  The entire process took under a half an hour from start to finish!

No PAPER, very little time, very little hassle, slick, and easy.

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