Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sites that Sizzle

Empower, engage, and inspire students by adding a few of these websites to your teaching toolbox!  Set aside 30 minutes each week to explore new ways to harness the power of the web! Try these techie tools and create and environment where students publish rather than hand in, collaborate regularly with other students and teachers all over the world, wonder, and explore!

Collaborate and Share
1.  Google Docs -
a.  Docs -  37 Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
b.  Forms - 80 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom
c.  Spreadsheets -  Example of a Spreadsheet with Conditional Formatting
d.  Presentations - How to Create a Google DOC
2.  Blogger -
Blogger is part of the Google Suite. Access blogger with gmail account.
a. Example: Mr. Myer’s History Blog - Mission Middle School
b. Example: Richard Byrne’s Free Tech for Teachers
3. -
4.  Weebly -
a.  Bellevue Teacher Weebly Pages - created by Garrett Sims
Any grade, any subject
1.  Wolfram Alpha - 
2.  Tagxedo -
3.  Animoto -
4.  Quizlet -
a.  Sample - Reconstruction Review by Mr. Myers  
5.  Rubistar -
6.  Shepperd Software -
Curate Content
1. Symbaloo -  
a. Kindergarten Symbaloo Mix by BPS Tech Trainers
b. 1st Grade Symbaloo Mix by BPS Tech Trainers
c.  2nd Grade Symbaloo Mix by BPS Tech Trainers
e.  4th Grade Symbaloo Mix by Garrett Sims
f.  US History Webmix
2. Pinterest -

b.  Primary Junction -
3.  Scoop.IT -
a.  Ann’s Amazing Scoop.It Page
4.  Twitter -
a.  Follow us at @techiefeldie @catlett1 @jennykbps
b.  Twitter for Teachers
c.  Twitter Hashtags
d.  Visible Tweets  
Bonus Sites:
  1. ALA Best Websites for Teaching and Learning
  2. 62 Sites for Kindergarten
  3. BPS K-6 Web Activities Page
Student Subscription Sites:
  1. Kerpoof
  2. Brainpop
  3. Storybird
  4. Carrot Sticks

-Ann Feldmann

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