Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teachers, Get Parent Contact Info in a Flash

We just moved to a Google domain this school year! We have been lighting the Google Docs fire in every school we enter.

A real gem this week was showing teachers how to create a Google Form to collect parent information at open house. Many teachers jumped right on this and had a form up and running on back to school nights across the district.  Using the teacher created Google Form, parents entered their data themselves and BANG, there it was in a spreadsheet, just like that. No more PAPER!  While this is a huge time saver, it gets better!

The e-mails collected in the Google Form can easily be exported.  Taking this just a few clicks further,  all the parent e-mails can be added to GMail contacts in a flash.  No tedious typing required.

In Google Drive
1. Open the spreadsheet.
2. File ---> Download As---> CSV

In GMail

1. Select Contacts
2. Import Contacts
3. Browse to the CSV file
4. Click import

Check out the video from our #tt4t channel for a quick tutorial.

As promised, in a flash, all the e-mails addresses are ready to go in G-Mail!  An added bonus is all the information collected in the form appears a note in contacts!  No more digging around for cell phones numbers or addresses!

Check out our our Google Form usage is growing!

-Ann Feldmann


  1. Wow! Thanks for all the information and links.

    ~ Michael <><
    The Color of Sound

  2. Is there a step to do this from the emails that are already listed in Powerschool?