Monday, December 10, 2012

Building a Digital Library for Your Students

Are you a relatively new elementary teacher with iPads in your room?  Do you have a small library of books for your students to read?  Maybe it is time to start building your digital library instead of buying paperback books that will eventually end with the inevitable masking tape down the side to hold it together in a couple of years.  I came across an amazing little app that I think would be a great way to start building your digital library.  It is called Meegenius and the app itself is free.  It is a bookstore app, but so much better than just ibooks or kindle books.  The books you purchase can be read aloud to your students and the words are highlighted as its being read.  The selection of books is of high quality as well.  

The book Princess Justina Albertina, a Cautionary Tale can be purchased for $1.99 instead of $4.99 at Barnes and Noble.  And this book can be read aloud to the child.  If your ipads are all being managed with the same Apple ID you can purchase the book once and put it on all of your devices.  Or how about Redhead Robbie’s Christmas Story by, Bill Luttrell for a mere $3.99 instead of $16.95 at B&N!  That is a huge difference.  

If your student's parents ask what you want for Christmas, tell them iTunes gift cards and get yourself some great digital books to start your digital collection!  Just think how much space you will have left on your bookshelves for crayons, rules, projects, and wet wipes!

Written By,
Jennifer Krzystowczyk

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