Sunday, December 2, 2012

Purposeful Padding in the Math Classroom - Post 9

Transformational! That is my new favorite word. Why?  Because we are on a the brink of transforming the way teachers teach and kids learn.  This week was the week we turned the corner from substitution to redefining what we do!  We moved from using the iPad as a tool to substitute what we have been doing in the paper world to a tool to transform the way we teach and kids learn.    

In terms of the SAMR model (see post 6),
here is the way we moved through all four levels of technology integration in just the two weeks we have been using iPads in the classroom.

TASKDefinitionOur Classroom Examples
SubstitutionTechnology acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional improvement
Math Facts with Apps, Notetaking in Doceri
Bell ringer in Socrative or Google Forms
AugmentationTechnology acts as a direct tool substitute with functional improvementE-mail Notes
Communicating with students via e-mail.
ModificationTechnology allows for significant task redesign
Using Google Forms + Flubaroo to grade and e-mail students results of the bell ringer.

Watch videos and take notes over the video.
RedefinitionTech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable
Create a screencast to explain your homework .
Teach your teacher about equivalent fractions.
E-mail your homework videos to your teacher.

Written by Ann Feldmann

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