Friday, March 15, 2013

Copy Machine Part of the Paperless Team

The paperless classroom just became easier to achieve by adding new copiers to our technology team! The Xerox WorkCentre copy machines have a feature called Scan to E-mail that takes a document, scans it in, creates a PDF of the document, and sends to to you or anyone on the staff as an e-mail attachment!  This feature is fantastic and allows teachers to convert mountains of paper quickly and easily to PDF files.

In our Google Apps for Education district, once paper is a PDF, the document can easily be uploaded to Google Drive and shared in the clouds with students to access anywhere, anytime.  

For our #ipadacademy, the copier makes getting material into iTunes U so simple.  Just a couple clicks and the PDF's are uploaded to the materials section of iTunes U, added as a post, and pushed out to students.

The Scan to E-mail feature makes a daunting task of either re-typing a document, locating a scanner, or taking a picture of the paper a distant memory now.

Check out this video to learn how to Scan to E-Mail and go green by creating a paperless classroom today.

Written by Ann Feldmann @techiefeldie


  1. Years ago, I did service at a gradeschool. They had me working on a gigantic copy machine, printing off reams of assignments for teachers' classes. Combination scanners and printers can reduce the amount of paper used. We haven't quite reached the paperless classroom yet, but it seems we're getting there.

    Paul |

    1. That is very interesting thought Paul Bear! I think that day is coming where most students will have electronic devices. At college it seems like they are going completely online and with electronics now.

  2. This is an incredible step forward in technology. Copiers have always been essential, but they're even more useful when tied to the network as a whole. I'll talk to my manager about upgrading to one like this.

    Jenn |

  3. This looks like interesting technology. I remember when I was in high school, the copy machines then were so hard to use. It is pretty cool out the display is in color. If I needed a copy machine now, I would totally make great use of that QWERTY keyboard.