Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Five Great Presentation Mobile Apps


Allowing students to create presentations to demonstrate their understanding becomes a powerful activity when paired with an iPad.  Presentations on an iPad are cool because videos, hyperlinks, texts, and images become powerful information tools.  

A lot of districts, like us, have a generation of kids that I like to call the Power Point students.  You know the ones- they know how to put together a PowerPoint on any topic.  They’ve had lots of training on this tool.  I used to show thirds grade kids PowerPoint.  Sometimes I’d like to shout,  “DEATH TO POWER POINT”.   We see our students using it to death.  It isn’t that we don’t think PowerPoint is ok.  Years ago PowerPoint was powerful, but not anymore.  There are so many great alternatives to engage students and allow them to create powerful examples of their comprehension.
Recently high school students have stated how much they love Keynote and iMovie.  I like using the keynote for PowerPoint because it lets you be able to be more creative with your power point and let's you express yourself.  Also iMovie because it's fun to create movies!!  I like the tactilize app because everything is on one page and you can organize it however you like. I liked keynote a million times better than PowerPoint because it is a lot easier to move everything wherever you like.
These are five awesome apps we use in our classrooms that allow for creativity in coming up with products demonstrating knowledge and understanding.

iMovie-The perfect video and movie trailer creation app for the iPad.  Movies can be shared out to YouTube or iTunes.  The videos look professional and it integrates all of your media content.  

Tactilize-Tactilize allows multiple interactive content on one card.  The cards are published to the Tactilize server and you can search for cards by username or topic.  It incorporates the feel of social media as well as others can “like” your card.  Students find this very validating.  

Keynote-A creative alternative to PowerPoint that integrates your Apple media from iphoto, to iTunes to your videos.  The mobile version is quickly becoming more preferable than the laptop version for ease of use.

Videolicious-Videolicious is a free app that lets you pop in images and then narrative over the images.  It  is similar to sonic pics, but provides some fun theme music that you can add as well as special effects.  If your district cannot afford iMovie for devices, then definitely go with Videolicious.  

Doceri- Doceri is quickly becoming the go to app when needing students to demonstrate their thinking while problem solving, drawing, speaking, and typing.  It is like watching student comprehension happen in real time.  It records a whiteboard with narration from the students.  Doceris can also be exported out to Drive.

Written By:  Jenny Krzystowczyk


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  1. I recomend Chat Now. They are like cell phones but they are walkie talkies. They are like $20. (They come in pairs for that price) You can also take pictures on there but not very fancy or anything. You get stickers to deckerate them. They are very neat.