Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pages and Google: When Two Great Apps Come Together

Our teachers today have been learning the ins and outs of Pages during Apple Foundations Training.  After a morning of creation time, they were ready to share with parents, students, and other teachers!  

Our roadblock? Our end users are not Pages users and we want to be able have the file accessible to link and share.  Combining Pages and Google together is the powerful combo we need that creates an elegant workflow for our district.   We are a GAFE so all teachers and students 4th grade and older have access to Google Apps.  The share capability of Google Drive is an easy way to make the file accessible to everyone.   

The Pages Google Workflow looks like this:

Export - Upload - Share 
  1. Create and save the document in Pages.
  2. Click on  File ---> Export. Choose PDF.
  3. Open up a browser window and login to Google Drive.
  4. Upload the PDF to Google Drive.
  5. Click Share. Change the share settings to Public.
  6. Google generates a link to the file.  You can share this link in so many ways:  Google + , Twitter, link up on a web site, e-mail it to parents, and so on!

*Note: If you update your Pages file, you will need to export the PDF again and then upload it to Google Drive too.  Lessons learned - proof your document well before you export to PDF, upload to Drive, and Share with the world!

Written by Ann Feldmann


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