Monday, October 28, 2013

Three Easy Ways to Use 1 iPad in the Classroom

Have an iPad and wonder how to use it in your classroom?   Here are three easy ways to get you started using that one Pad to impact teaching and learning.

Idea #1:  Team Teach With Yourself
1. Use an app such as Explain Everything to create a screencast to use with your students. Upload the video to Youtube and play it for your students! They will love it and you will to! The best part is you can rewind it and play it again and even better, you can add it to a website, blog, or e-mail and share it with your students to view again. What a perfect way to review for a test!

Idea #2: Involve Students

1.  Pose a question, pass the iPad and let a student draw or write a response.
2.  Use an app such as Explain Everything and have students create a group reflection on a classroom learning experience. Create a slide per student or group and let them illustrate and record a narration.  
3.  Use an app such as Notability and a reading selection. Let students pass the iPad and highlight vivid verbs, topic sentences, adjectives, etc.  

Idea #3:  Lead the Learning Every Day
1. Create an iTunes U course on your computer.  Load all the material for a lesson to your iTunes U course (material section). You can upload  images, websites, keynotes, PDF’s, videos, etc.  Then, pull the material up on the iPad and use your iPad for instruction.
2. Use an app such as Haiku Deck to create a visual presentation. Pop the preso up via Apple TV, Reflector or Air Parrot and walk around the room as you present!  Just moving around the room is transformational.  

What ideas do you have to transform teaching and learning with just one iPad?  Please leave me a comment.

Written by Ann Feldmann

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  1. I do not have a general education classroom, but I share my iPad with one of my mainstream teachers and we use any sight word flash card apps or math fact apps and display on the white board. We rotate students who get be "the teacher" and manipulate the iPad!