Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year = New You! Fill Your Own Bucket with Goodness!

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately about New Year’s Resolutions and have in fact written  my own.  Today, however I’d like to take a slightly different approach.  Resolutions are all about bettering yourself, stretching your goals, and trying something new, right?  Well, how about just tending to yourself to be a better, well rounded individual.  Teachers are notorious for neglecting their own needs day in and day out for the sake of their students.  But just as parents are ineffective if they haven’t nourished themselves, I argue that our students benefit from our healthy choices just as much as we do.  So when considering your New Year resolutions, do not forget about the activities that can truly nourish your soul, mind, and body.  Try some of these activities in the near future and see if you don’t feel more like a human and less like a robot going through the daily grind.

Be inspired by other.  Whether you act on your inspirations is really inconsequential.  It is always about the journey and experience.  So whether it is walking through a beautiful store, art gallery, or listening to other people’s stories, be open to inspirations that might touch your heart or spur you to action.  One of the best places online to be inspired by others is Pinterest!  If you do not have your own Pinterest account- get one!  It is simple and is a great place to repin other’s people work that inspires you.  

Read a really good book!  Put away your edu-speak literature and read something decadent, historical, or whatever interests you!  I always use iBooks to download samples of books before purchasing the book.  It is like walking up and down the aisle of Barnes and Noble, but without the crowds!  I search in iBooks by New York Times and Best Sellers.  Can’t pull yourself into a book without a purpose?  Check the the list on for award winning literature.  

Beat the wintertime blues by getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.  Make it a priority to be active outside, even if it is cloudy and snowing!  Ice skating, walking, and sledding are fun activities for anyone this time of year!  My favorite app to use when tracking physical activity is Map My Run!  I use the app on my iPhone and it syncs up to my account online.  At the end of each month I can impress myself on all the miles I have tracked!  Exercise keeps you happy and healthy! Everyone benefits from your workouts!

Do one really thing nice for yourself!  Not one to get a massage, pedicure, or purchase something for pure luxury?  Now is the time for that pick me up!  I love Google Offers, Pinpoint app, and Groupon.  My Google Offers come straight to my email and I can choose to purchase the offer or not and pay with my phone!  Pinpoint offers great discounts at local merchants and restaurants, and who doesn’t love a great Groupon Offer?!  I never pay full price for most of my more decadent purchases. Need some retail therapy?  Try for great discounts at hundreds of stores!

Cook something rich and yummy.  Yes, I know we’ve all over-eaten over the Holidays, but that doesn’t mean starvation is the key to happiness.  Instead try your hand at a new recipe that doubles as comfort food.  Your family will love you for it!  My favorite cooking app is Allrecipes.  I can search by ingredient, course, or ease of creating.  Allrecipes uses a “dinner spinner” to create a meal in an instant!  I probably use this app every week to plan out the week’s menu.  I have great success with this app and you will too!  

Makeover 1 area of your house.  Whether it is a closet, a corner, a bathroom, or a kids room, January is a great time to do a small makeover and freshen up that space that has been nagging at you!  Aside from the obvious inspirational site Pinterest, I love the app Houzz.  It has millions of pictures of beautiful spaces.  You can search by room or style.  You can also receive emails of updated images and curate your favorite ideas if you create a free account.  January is also the best times to purchase new linens on sale everywhere!  

I hope this post finds you well and relaxed over the holidays!  Remember, you are important as a teacher, but more importantly as a well-rounded person.  Don’t forget about you, so you can give back to others.  Fill up your own bucket with goodness this January!  Happy New Year!

Written by: Jennifer Krzystowczyk


  1. Houzz is something new for me! I will have to check that out as I fix up my office.


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