Thursday, January 9, 2014

How is Your Google Garden Growing?

One of our district technology initiatives is implementing Google Apps in the classroom.  Our district went Google Apps for Ed (#gafe) in the fall of 2012.  Since that time, we have been planting "Google Seeds" in all of our trainings, Techie Tuesdays, online classes, video tutorials, and blog posts.  We talk about Google Power in casual conversations and in formal trainings. The seeds have been sown.  

How is your Google garden growing? Consider these ideas.

With Students
Have students create and share docs with you.
Guide their writing with comments.  
Grade papers electronically.
Students do peer editing on shared docs.
Use the drawing tools to brainstorm.
Use the powerful research tool which gives students access the Google search engine right from Google Drive. Insert images by just dragging and dropping.  No need to download or copy images.  Better yet, Google automatically creates footnotes. No more forgetting where an image or text came from.  
Use the power of Google Forms as formative assessments and add the Flubaroo script to grade and return them automatically.

How often do you collaborate via a Google hangout with other teachers?
Are you involved in any of the district Google Communities?
Have you joined any public Google Communities such as Connected Classrooms?
Do you use a calendar and share the calendar with students, parents, other teachers?
Do you create lesson plans in Google Docs and share them with your principal?

The new year is a great time to spend a little time tending the Google garden! We would love to see it blossoming this school year!

The Tech Tools for Teaching YouTube Channel is full of helpful tutorials.
Check out our latest and growing playlist on Google Communities.

Written by Ann Feldmann

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