Sunday, September 13, 2015

Workflow Shortcuts for Apple and Google: Part II

Here is the second installment in a blog series by the #tt4t team designed to help you become more efficient as you work using your Mac and/or Google Apps for Ed. Many of the shortcuts being shared are ones that we are consistently using when working that help us increase productivity. If you haven’t done so already, check out our first set of shortcuts for Apple and Google here.


The following shortcuts are great when typing in any program on a Mac whether you are in Pages, Keynote, or even Google apps such as Gmail, Docs, or Slides.

Command B - Bold

Command U - Underline 
Command I - Italicize
Command K - Insert Link
Command F - Find

Screenshots on a Mac

A great way to capture parts or all of your screen is to take a screenshot. Once you have taken a screenshot note the images will go to your desktop by default.

Command Shift 3 - screenshot

Command Shift 4 - take a screenshot of part of your screen


In order to get full access to all of the great Gmail shortcuts you will need to first turn on the keyboard shortcuts in Settings.
1. Click on Settings  
2. Under the General tab find Keyboard Shortcuts 
3. Click Keyboard shortcuts on  

Z - undo previous action (the time provided to undo an action can be changed in settings)

E - archive selected messages
S - star or unstar messages
G, then I - go to inbox
G, then S - go to sent messages

Have a favorite shortcut you want to share? Leave us a comment.

Written by Jeffrey Bernadt (@jeffreybernadt), Jeanette Carlson (@mrsjcarlson), and Ann Feldmann (@annfeldmann1)


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