Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Workflow Shortcuts for Apple and Google: Part III

Here is the third installment in a blog series by the #tt4t team designed to help you become more efficient as you work using your Mac and/or Google Apps for Ed. Many of the shortcuts being shared are ones that we are consistently using that help us increase productivity. If you haven’t done so already, check out our first and second set of shortcuts blogs for Apple and Google.

MacBook Shortcuts
Command A - Select All
Command C - Copy Selection
Command X - Cut Selection
Command V - Paste Selection
Command F - Find
Command Z - Undo
Command Shift Z - Redo
Option Command ESC - Force Quit

Google Docs Shortcuts
Command Shift L - Left Alignment
Command Shift E - Center Alignment
Command Shift R - Right Alignment
Command Shift Y - Get Definition of Selected Word and/or Research
Command Shift C - Word Count

Google Docs Tip
Want multiple people working on one Doc without creating confusion?  Use the Tables Feature to organize multiple collaborators on a Doc.  This allows each person working on a Doc to have their own space and area to work without impacting other contributors.  

Right Side Chat
In order to place the Gmail Chat on the right-side of the your inbox you will need to complete the following steps: Go to the Gear , go to Settings, click on Labs, and scroll down to find Right-side chat, and click Enable.

Have a favorite shortcut you want to share?  Leave us a comment.

Written by Jeffrey Bernadt (@jeffreybernadt), Jeanette Carlson (@mrsjcarlson), and Ann Feldmann (@annfeldmann1)

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