Thursday, March 29, 2012

Copyright and Fair Use

As educators, we are rule followers and want to know what can and cannot be used in the classroom. Here is a chart from TechLearning on Copyright that is makes it easy to understand.

Another fantastic resource is Copyright Catechism: Practical Answers to Everyday School Dilemmas. This books does a great job highlighting real life situations in schools and gives easy to understand answers.

According to the book, as far as video and film are concerned, videos must be shown in a classroom setting, with the students and the instructor that is responsible for the curriculum, shown during the unit of study (not before or after), and be legally acquired (this could be purchased or rented).  Videos may not be shown for entertainment, enrichment, or rewards.

"A NO answer to any of the questions means that public performance rights are required.

1.  Is the performance being shown in a non-profit educational institutional.
2.  Do the students and teacher in a regular class give the performance.
3.  Does the performance take place in a classroom or other instructional place?
4. Is the performance made from a legally acquired copy of the film/video.
5.  Is the performance made in the course of direct instruction of a required curriculum topic."

Additionally, a great blog post to read is called, Three Rules Your Kids May Be Breaking at . The author makes great points about plagiarism, illegal downloads and uploads, underage social media.

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