Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#FF - Friday Follows

Dear New Twitter Friends,

You are going to see a hash tag #FF on Friday. This stands for Follow Friday.  People will tweet off people in their network on Fridays with @mentions of people in their network. This means they are suggesting you follow them and this is also a big compliment to them. A #FF is a tweet filled with people who are tweeting great things in their personal learning network (PLN).

Shelly Mowinkel@ShellyMowinkel
#FF build your PLN with these awesome educators: @techiefeldie @j_allen @Coach_Sautter @catlett1 @mrbadura @jennykbps

This is a compliment to each person included in the #FF tweet.

The #FF’s also make it a simple, quick, easy way to find people to follow.  Since they are recommended by others as Twitter rockstars, they could be a great additions to your PLN!  Just click the names and follow them!

Our #TT4T #FF’s:

@cybraryman1 @stumpteacher @cyarzy @j_allen @Matt_Gomez  @NMHS_Principal  @web20classroom @shannonmmiller @Grade1 @mrbadura  @L_Hilt @justintarte @MrWejr @rmbyrne  @beth_still @chericson @shellymowinkel @kevinhoneycutt @shellterrell @stumpteacher @larryferlazzo @adambellows @teachingwthsoul

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