Monday, June 18, 2012

Are You A Geek?

Being a geek in school was not a good thing!  You were ostracized, made fun of, ran with the geek squad, and were lucky to get a date to the prom.  I always felt sorry for the “geeks” in school and I hear my own kids calling people that word.  I, of course as a parent, have the discussion about labeling people and always being kind to others.  Now, as an adult I have found myself to be surrounded by “geeks”!  In fact, I think I officially am a geek!  But what does that word “geek” really mean in the year 2012?  Geek-dom now includes sharing, collaboration, creation, and i-devices!  Here are 11 reasons according to #tt4t that will help you know if are a geek in 2012.

1.   You are completely paperless.  If someone asks you to keep score at a ballgame you whip out your iphone instead of searching for a pencil and paper.

2.  You know how to tweet out a picture while sitting at a conference.

3.  You take all of your notes either on Evernote or Twitter

4.  You can figure out how to change the CSS by reading and changing the HTML source code from a website.

5.  You upload movies to YouTube and tweet out the link instead of burning DVD to collect dust in your family room.

6.  You make iMovies as Christmas and Birthday gifts.

7.  You never leave home without an iOS device!

8.  When you have something important to say you post it on your blog and then tweet out the link.

9.  You have three different browsers, two computers, and at least one ipad running at the same time.

10.  Most of your reading is done on a tablet and a lot of your material comes from social media.

11.  Your favorite videos are from TED talks.

So yes, I guess I am a geek and proud of it!  Thank goodness I am done with prom!  Are you a geek in 2012?  

Written by Jenny Krzystowczyk

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