Thursday, June 21, 2012

Resolving Conflicted Google Accounts

If you were a previous Google user before our district went to our new Google BPSNE domain you may have named your first account with the ending.  If so, you now have a conflicted account and it will have to be resolved before you can move any data between the accounts.  See how to’s for this here.

Google lays out how to rename your old account with a temporary username to help fix the situation.  The documents are a bit lengthy and it will take you a few minutes of your time to get it completed.  When you log into your new bpsne account from Google and you see “an update to your account is required”, you know you have a conflicting account.  Google will prompt you to enter in the require information in order to create a temporary name for your old account.  It will seem very lengthy, but it will have to be done.  So maybe before you sit down to tackle your conflicting accounts make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and settle in to follow lots of directions.  We wish it could be easier #Google!  

By the way, if you have been using Blogger or Twitter or Facebook to post information you might want to go in and change your email address associated with these accounts so you continue to receive your notifcations.  Just look under profile in most applications to change your account settings.  Good Luck!  

Written by Jenny Krzystowczyk

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  1. I wish Google would make this easier. I already have 2 google accounts and now will be adding a 3rd. I haven't signed into our new district account yet because I've been putting off the conflicted account thing. :-/ Still...I'm glad we're moving to google, rather than gaggle!