Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get Your New Drive On

As our district moves from Gaggle to Google for our mail provider we will have many questions to answer as a G-Apps School district.  Many of our staff members were already using Google as their mail provider and digging into Docs as part of their daily work flow.  One major question that has come up is "How do I get my old Google Docs to my new BPSNE Google Drive account?".  Drive by the way it Google’s new word for your Docs list.  It operates basically the same with a few more view options.  It looks like this :
Old Docs View
New Drive View

Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution for all those previous Google users!  It’s called Google Takeout!   In less than five minutes you can move all your docs quickly and easily to your new account!  Follow these steps below to get your Drive on!

1.  Go to Google Takeout
2.  Click on Creat Archive
3.  Watch your files load into a zip file:

4.  Click download when it is complete.
5.  Go to your new .bpsne.net google account
6.  Click on “Drive”
7.  Click on the red upload button next to create:

8.  Find the zip file in your download folder

9.    Click “open” and watch your files upload to your new drive!

10.  Once the file has been uploaded you will need to open it.  You will see a list of all your docs.  Hover to the far right and when the hand appears click "save to google docs".  You will have to do one at a time.  

10.  Now all of your old docs are in your new Drive!  

Note:  It took me two times to upload the zip file.  The first time I get an error message, but didn't panic.  When working with web-based applications sometimes you just have to try again!

Troubles or questions tweet us at @jennykbps, @techiefeldie, @catlett1

Written by Jenny Krzystowczyk

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