Monday, September 29, 2014

Eight Tips and Tricks for Using Google Classroom

  1. First time into Google Classroom, but sure to choose teacher. Even if you join classes as a student, you need to be in as a teacher to have teacher rights.  If you accidentally choose student, you will need your domain admin to add you back into the teacher group.

  2. Use Class Code to enroll students and save time.

  3. Use About to provide a quick link to a website, syllabus, a rubric, or something you want them to reference often.If you attach a Google Doc to an assignment, students need to click the assignment title to get to the attached Google Doc.  Using words like, see the attached Google Doc in the assignment description will help students know if a Google Doc is attached.

  4. Students get an e-mail when assignments are posted in Google Classroom.

  1. When making an assignment, you can choose to copy the assignment to multiple classes before you click assign.  Once assigned to one class, you no longer can copy to multiple classes.

  2. The stream with the timestamp is very helpful to share information with students.   Use the stream as a closed back channel environment for students.  Excellent for informal conversations in the classroom.

  3. Google Classroom alphabetizes by first name. If your district uses Power School, you can alpha by first name instead of last. In PowerSchool, go to "Preferences" (under the Power School Gradebook menu in your toolbar).  Go to the tab called "Student" (last one) and use the drop-down menu to choose First Last as your display choice. Now your docs in Google align with the grade book.

  4. On the iPad, save work to the camera roll. In Google Classroom, click add -> upload file -> select the file from photos/camera roll.  Slick and easy.

Written by Ann Feldmann

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