Monday, September 22, 2014

Google Forms & Colorful Updates

With Google forms, grading quizzes and assessments has never been easier!  With the Flubaroo script, you can save yourself hours of grading all with the click of a button!  But sometimes, teachers complain about being locked into a certain format with forms.  Now, you can change all kinds of categories to make your forms look amazing for kids.  
Google has made some great updates in order to customize forms.  You can now completely customize the layout of your Google form by changing images, text color, size, and font, and you can also change the page background.

Follow these suggestions to modify your Google forms.

Once you have entered in all of your questions, images, charts, and etc, click on the “change theme” button.  
This will give you many new options when it comes to the theme.  Scroll down the right side to get a preview of each new theme.  

But wait!  There are even more themes to choose from when you tap the Customize Theme button located on each theme window.  Customizing each theme will give you the option to change the font, colors, and size of your text as well as heading images and background images.  
You have unlimited options for images now.  You could choose one that is provided for you, or you can use a saved Google Images to completely customize your form.  

Lately, I have been digitizing some Pearson weekly reading assessments for our iPad teachers.  I copied the questions into a form.  To get the reading selection onto the form, I retyped it on a Pages document and used shift, command 4 to take a picture of the selection.  Next, I used insert image to add it to the form.  Check out how nice this assessment looks now, and teachers are using Flubaroo to grade their tests.  I often write about inserting color into instruction, and this is just another great way that Google can support learning in the classroom.

Written by, Jenny Krzystowczyk

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