Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Five Sites for Your Tech Toolbox

Are you looking for a few excellent sites to utilize with your students this year? Here are five web based resources that are engaging for students, easy to setup and manage, free, and work well on both tablets and computers.


Are your students writing?  Have them showcase their work on kidblog.  Students experience the joy of writing as they receive comments from others around the world.  Get students into a routine of writing/posting one week and commenting on posts the next.  It may seem a bit elemetnary, but kidblog.org is great for high school students too.

Frontrow is a free web based site for math differentiation that works well for elementary students. It provides teachers lots of data on student progress.  
Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free web based site that allows teachers or parents to coach students on math topics.  This site makes it easy differentiate math instruction for students and view their data.

Students enjoy a little friendly competition and Kahoot makes it simple to create quizzes and play them as a class!

Give every student a voice by using a back channel! This is a fantastic way to have a class discussion over anything:  a science topic, story, current event, you name it.  Direct students to the URL of your back channel and the fun begins.  Create an account and you can moderate the discussion, see a transcript of the conversations,  and create rooms that last up to even a year!

Written by Ann Feldmann


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