Monday, October 22, 2012

A Paperless Classroom Entry 5

Entry 5 Annotating over PDF's from Dropbox Using Preview

At last entry I was pondering our choices for providing feedback to our students.  I’ve since decided to go with the laptop tool Preview.  One reason is there just isn’t another iPad to go around and the second is that Mr. Sims is pretty comfortable in the laptop environment.  

So here is how you use Preview on a Mac to annotate over a PDF.  Once your PDF is open in Preview, click on tools on the tool bar menu.  From there scroll down to annotate.  Here you will find a variety of tools to use for marking up a PDF like a thought bubble, a speech bubble, arrows, shapes, and text. If I were still in 4th grade, I would much rather receive feedback in a hot pink thought bubble rather than a red ink pen, but that is just me. Take a look at the example below:  

Once the PDF has been checked over and some feedback has been provided to the students, the teacher can save it back to the dropbox folder for the students to view.  Using the students gmail account is another great way to communicate to the kids that feedback has been given. The great thing about this is that the students still have the copy in their Notability app so they can edit it based on the feedback given by their teacher.

So here is my next wonder..... How about a screen splitting app so they can view the feedback and their copy at the same time! Check in next time to see if I solve it!!!

Written by: Jennifer Krzystowczyk

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