Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Big G Black Bar Sorter

Another simple, yet awesome Google Chrome Extension is the:


For me personally, I would get so annoyed by the items in my Black control bar and there location within my Google account.  Particularly, when the one I wanted to get to was under the "More" drop down menu.
You know, this Black Bar:

This Chrome Extension fixes that problem!  With BIG G BLACK BAR SORTER I can now customize where literally every word goes on my Black Bar!  How fabulous is that?  Check out the difference now in this screenshot below compared to the one above:

Hopefully you can see some differences, but perhaps most importantly notice Groups is gone and I added Reader in its place which used to be under the "More" drop down!  Now I am a couple less clicks to get to Reader and my efficiency has just increased because I use Reader more often and maybe not Groups and I save myself the step of having to click on "more" and pull down and click the one I need.

So, why not customize your Black Tool Bar!?!?!  Put the words you want up there and in there.  Maybe you only want three of them.  No problem.  Drag the ones you don't want to see or you are not using over to the "More" area and now they are gone.  You have to have the "More" pull down clicked to pull words to it and from it to your Black Bar or away from your Black Bar.

It could look like this:

So customize away my friends!  Use the Chrome Extension BIG G BLACK BAR SORTER to make it happen.

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