Monday, October 15, 2012

A Paperless Paper Entry 3

"You came back!" said a bright eyed 4th grader as I was walking down the hall to my iPad group. Yes, I came back! How could I stay away? These guys were sharing out Dropbox folders to their teacher today. On this day we let the students get more familiar with dropbox, while we pulled students in small groups to learn how to not only log into their dropbox accounts but also their gmail accounts. 

This step is key in making sure each student remembers his or her student logins and passwords. We made sure that usernames and logins were the same for both accounts in order to avoid confusion. We also put the account names and password on a google doc and shared it between myself and @gtwitsims.

Here is what excited me the most about today's experience... Kids were writing right away using Notability. Worried about what they were to write, one student asked, "What's the topic of our paper?".

"Anything you want!" I replied back to him. 
With a huge smile he continued writing. These kids were ready to begin exporting their first paragraphs to Dropbox before I even got everyone finished with their sharing task. How great! This is going to be fun!

Written by: Jenny Krzystowczyk

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