Monday, October 15, 2012

A Paperless Paper Entry 4

Creativity in Notability and Exporting Files!
If you haven't read my previous posts about a paperless paper, take a few minutes to get caught up! Today's lesson allowed 4th graders to create new notes in the app Notability, do some writing and illustrating and export it to their 
shared dropbox folders. The students only had one folder created so this was basically just walking them through the steps.  After clicking on the “happy share arrow” they choose the email button> dropbox> folder> and export to dropbox.  Students were thrilled to go into their dropbox app and see their note sitting in their newly created folders.  

Once we got through these steps we let them have some free journal time.  The objective was to have them create a document and practice exporting it out to dropbox.  

These 4th graders were working for almost an hour on writing.  You could have heard a pin drop in the classroom.  These kids were so engaged!  Some students were writing full paragraphs and inserting in web clips off of Google and Wikipedia. Other students were using the drawing tool and illustrating their stories.  I love the creativity that is available in Notability!


Our next challenge is to allow Mr. Sims to provide paperless feedback.  We have two choices.  One is to use preview on the laptop and save the notes back to the dropbox folder.  The other is to scrounge up one more iPad and use Notability to annotate over student notes as 
Notability allows users to import a PDF and add to a note. Check back to see where we go with this decision and how it affects the work flow of our paperless environment!  

 Written By: Jenny Krzystowczyk

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