Friday, November 9, 2012

Google Vision: Archiving Twitter Chats

Have you ever seen an archive of a Twitter Chat and wonder how is that done?  I have seen several ways to archive a chat, but they have all left me a little flat. Why? They are just a file or a link to a file that some how I have to keep track of. I have a Google Vision and a workflow that is genius.   Follow these easy steps and you will not only archive the chat, but share it with the world, and have it easily accessible in your Google Drive.

Step 1:  Open Safari

Step 2: Go to

Step 3:  Login with your Twitter Credentials

Step 4:  Participate in chat

Step 5:  Go back to Safari and to the Tweet Chat tab.

Step 6:  Click on File --> Print.  Then you will see this.

Click the drop down arrow next to PDF and choose Save as PDF.

Step 7:  Save PDF to your desktop. This file is what you upload to your Google Drive.

Step 8:  Upload the file to Google DRIVE.

Step 9: Change the share settings so that it is PUBLIC, anyone with the link can view

Step 10: Share this link out via Twitter

Archiving chats: Safari + TweetChat + Google Drive = GENIUS

Check out my screencast for a quick tutorial! Ann Feldmann

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