Monday, November 26, 2012

Purposeful Padding in the Math Classroom - Post 5

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, “ Leonardo Da Vinci.

Simplifying the classroom paper shuffle is the name of the game today!  Using the iPads, Doceri, and the mail app, handing in work has never been more fun, fast,  or easy!

By now students are now very comfortable using the Doceri apps for notes.  (If you haven’t been following the “Purposeful Padding in the Math Classroom” project, you may want to check my first post and follow along.) It was the natural progression today to show them how to share out their work via e-mail.   

Students opened a new Doceri project for the guided practice problem.  “Tap the happy share arrow and e-mail the problem when you are finished,” I said.  In a matter of seconds, bytes and bits flew through the wireless to Gina’s e-mail. 

Student work created in Doceri and shared via gmail.
As class ended, Gina’s work began.   A quick glance of her e-mail inbox showed all the files waiting to be opened!  

She sent me an e-mail later in the day that I quickly moved to my warm fuzzy folder.

“I am LOVING this,” she said. “It allows me so much more freedom to communicate with and give feedback to kids even though my face time with them is limited.

Even though it took a bit to get into this (which we knew it would), I am really starting to see the benefits!! So glad we're on this journey together!! “

Lessons Learned:
1. Slow and steady like the tortoise.  Teaching the kids how to use the app a little at time has been very successful.  They are getting more and more confident each day.
2.  An iPad is a personal device.  The kids are using the same iPad each day and have personalized it with their gmail accounts. This makes sharing very easy.
3.  Simplicity is key.  The iPad is simplifying and digitizing the paper trail.  It is very simple to share a file out of Doceri.

Written by Ann Feldmann

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