Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote HERE!

The commons at Lewis and Clark Middle School have been transformed into a voting precinct for our mock presidential election.  Middle school students are voting during their history classes where they learned about the voting process, filled out the voter registration forms, and watched several videos about the election.  

“This election activity was a great real-life lesson.  The students learned about the election process, voter registration, political campaign strategies, and the importance of American citizens taking advantage of their freedom to vote,” said Gina Stukenholtz, 7th grade history teacher.  

Two student volunteers at each precinct work alongside me and our media specialist, Pat Smith.  Students hand in their registration forms, sign in, and then vote using an iPod Touch and the Socrative app. 

“I feel like I paid attention more with this election- it seemed more important because I understood it more,” said Tori Yocom, 7th grade student.

“I feel so grown up.” Jose Santiago

All data is compiled in a spreadsheet and the results of the election will be announced at the end of day tomorrow, November 6th.  

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