Monday, November 19, 2012

Purposeful Padding in the Math Classroom - Post 3 -

Monday, Monday!  I got to work an hour early today to make sure all the apps synced up on the iPads correctly.  For some reason, four iPads did not get all the apps and one iPad would not connect to the wireless. What started off as a relaxing morning turned into a rush as time disappeared quickly. The last apps synced up just as the 8:30 school bell rang.

Relief. Yes, relief poured over the students faces as Brent and I appeared in the doorway with the iPads!

The row helpers came up to the front and took the five iPads for their rows and we were off!

“Ok, students, join my room in Socrative and do the daily bell ringer math problems,”Gina Stukenholtz, 7th grade math teacher said.

The room fell silent and the kids began tapping the iPad with a purpose.
We had no problems at all with the wireless. Everyone joined the room and had no trouble with the app. For those who finished early, they did a quick multiplication race in Fast Facts Math.  Meanwhile, Stukenholtz had a good pulse on their understanding of divisibility rules as the live results rolled in to her Socrative App.

As Stukenholtz went over the bell ringer problems, most students paid attention, but several drifted off into iPad land.  Quick redirecting and they were back in the game listening to explanation.

As we moved into new learning, it was time to take notes. Stukenholtz
used the Apple TV and popped her iPad up on the projector with the Doceri app ready to go!

7th grade student using Doceri to take notes in math class.
 “Ok, tap your Doceri app, get a color for your pen, and we will start taking notes,” Stukenholtz said.

The kids tapped the app and with little guidance, they were using the app as easily as answering a phone.  The best part is their work is automatically saved.   As class quickly came to a close, they simply tapped the home button and shut the screen covers.  

“You will need to do your homework on paper tonight,” Stukenholtz said. “But tomorrow we will do your homework on the iPad and you will e-mail it to me!”

Lessons Learned:
1. Kids do need to be taught how to use the apps.
2. They are very engaged with the iPad.
3. Doceri was a great tool for note taking. It is very easy to erase mistakes, change pen color, etc.
4. The kids are handling the iPads with great care.
5. Having row helpers was genius!  Much smoother end of class.

Written by Ann Feldmann

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