Friday, March 14, 2014

Kid President's Inspirational Message

These images caught my eye this morning as I was out and about in Bellevue.

I love how one kid can spread a message that touches people of all ages, race, and demographics!  Kid President is the perfect example of how well made videos touch the hearts of people.  I am amazed at videos that trend on YouTube and inspire so many people.  Never before have we lived in an age when individuals are inspired and moved by complete strangers.  

Kid President is an excellent example of just this!  You can’t help but smile when you watch his videos.  When you see these images popping up at schools, daycares, gyms, and churches you know where they came from!    

His story is one of inspiration!  He suffers from a brittle bone disease and has suffered over 70 breaks since his birth yet his amazing spirit and love truly makes the world a better place.  

I absolutely love watching his videos, hearing his infectious laugh, and getting up and dancing with him on YouTube! If you have never watched one of his videos check out his playlist!  I guarantee it will brighten your day!!   Keep up the awesomeness Kid President.

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