Thursday, March 20, 2014

Transformation Begins with Mobility

One app transforming our #ipadacademy classrooms is installed on the computer, not the iPad!  Reflector is an inexpensive app for the computer that has huge benefits in redefining the classroom! This software allows teachers and students wireless airplay the iPad on the computer.  Anything on the iPad will be reflected, including the audio! Sound transformational? It is!

The result?  A redefined classroom!

Benefits of using Reflector?

1. Teachers are mobile! Teaching from the front, middle, or back of the room is now possible. A wonderful way to gain a new perspective on the classroom.
2. Students easily hop on and off reflector to informally share creations and receive feedback.  Have more than one student reflect at once to amplify the sharing.  This is a great way to add engagement to the classroom.

Click here for a handout on Reflector tips and tricks.  

Written by Ann Feldmann

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