Friday, March 14, 2014

Three FREE Online Tools for Formative Assessments

Do you want to spend more time planning and less time grading?  Do you want to provide students timely feedback on informal assessments? Take your assessments from good to great with one of these amazing FREE tools.

1.  Socrative - Teachers create an account  at 
  • Students take the quiz on any device: phone, tablet or computer.  
  • Results are available to be emailed or downloaded to a spreadsheet.  
  • Can create the quiz in Excel and upload to Socrative.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • No accounts needed for students.
Check out the video about Socrative  HERE

2.  Infuse Learning - Teachers create an account at
  • Audio feature that reads questions to students and can in multiple languages.
  • Can share a link to other resources and distribute in an instant.
  • Students can DRAW a response!

Check out the YouTube video about InfuseLearning HERE

3.  Google Forms + Flubaroo
No website, it’s a part of Google Apps for ED. Just login to your Google Drive, click the red create button, and choose survey.  Once it is created you will add the free FLUBAROO script to your spreadsheet and let the script do the work!

  • Flubaroo gives a breakdown on each problem so it is easy to see where students struggled or excelled.  This gives the teacher the guidance feedback necessary to have a discussion with students about what they need to study more of to prepare for an upcoming formative.  
  • Feedback is stored in a Google Spreadsheet and easy to access.
  • Results can be e-mailed to students with or without the correct answer.
Check out details HERE

 Written by Ann Feldmann


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