Monday, August 18, 2014

Growing Your Google Garden: Use a Running Agenda in Google Docs

Growing Your Google Garden: Use a Running Agenda in Google Docs
Tip #2 in a series this year

Would you like a time saving way to manage classroom assignments? Give a "Running Google Doc Agenda" a try this year! 

What is "A Running Google Doc of Agenda", you may be wondering? It is a time saving way to communicate with your students and parents. The "Running Google Doc Agenda" is a list of all assignments for the school year, with the most recent date at the top of the doc.    Changes you make on the doc are reflected immediately! See an example of "A Running Google Agenda" on Senora Musil's website .

Directions for creating a Running Google Agenda:
1. Create a Google Doc called Running Agenda.  

2. Change the share settings so anyone with the link can view.

3. Copy this link and paste it on a class website, Facebook Page, Blog, S'more, etc. and/or share or email the doc with your students.

4. Each day, update the doc with today’s date and assignments.  The most recent date will always be at the top of the agenda.  You can also include links to videos, handouts, Google Slideshows, worksheets, etc.

Printed Assignments
Digital Daily Assignments
Limited Access
Accessible with any device connected to the Internet.
Students are dependent
Students are independent
Static document.
Dynamic document. Updates are immediate.
Written by Ann Feldmann

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  1. good news! Always thought about this idea! TY Jeanette Carlson, Ann Feldmann and Jenny Krzystowczyk