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Bellevue Public Schools iPad Academy Model

How did iPad Academy (#ipadacademy) begin in Bellevue Public Schools?

We have had many people ask this question.  

My colleague, Jenny Krzystowczk and I experienced first hand six days of intense Apple training in Cupertino, CA. We returned inspired to recreate a similar experience for interested teachers in Bellevue Public Schools.  The Bellevue Public Schools iPad Academy is a training and coaching model based on the research and pedagogy from our Apple Academy training. All interested teachers must complete six days of Apple Foundations Training with Jenny and I. Teachers learn OSX, iLife, iWorks, iBooks Author, and iOS.  Then, upon successful completion of the training, teachers may apply to the iPad Academy.   Once selected for the iPad Academy, teachers receive a set of devices and an iPad Coach.

Our iPad Academy model is unique, successful, sustainable, and an inspiration to other districts rolling out iPads because it is grounded pedagogy, research, and instructional support.  Our teachers have truly transformed their classrooms under this model which involves extensive training, coaching, and establishing a culture that is transforming teaching and learning in our classrooms in Bellevue Public Schools.  

This summer, 30 teachers spent 6 days of their summer vacation in Apple Foundations Training (AFT) with Jenny and I. They joined the 110 teachers Jenny and I trained this past school year and they are now eligible to apply to for four spots in fall iPad Academy.  Interested teachers fill out an online application.  Applications are reviewed and teachers are selected.  Currently, we have 37 teachers in the iPad Academy with iPads in grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and HAL (high ability learner) in the elementary. Additionally, we have iPads in the high schools in science, math, history, English, Spanish, Business, and SPED.

iPad Academy Details

Participants:  Teachers who successfully completed six days of intense Apple Foundations Training (AFT) are eligible to apply to the iPad Academy. Participants for the iPad Academy are chosen based the application.

Description:  Participants receive 15-30 iPads depending on the teacher’s classroom size as well as necessary accessories for success, such as headphones, styluses, and apps.  Teachers are then partnered with a coach for at least one semester.  Coaching occurs over a continuum of methods from co-teaching, collaboration days,  planning sessions, G+ Hangouts, blogging, journaling, Twitter,  and meetings.  iPads then remain with the teacher until further notice.  Teachers who have completed the iPad Academy are expected to be able to share their knowledge and provide support to future iPad Academy participants.  Teachers are members of two private Google Communities for both Apple Foundations Training and iPad Academy to share, support, and provide teachers feedback. All admins, iPad coaches, and teachers from AFT and iPad Academy are members of the community.

iPad Coaching topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • SAMR Model
  • Classroom Management with iPads: Cart, iPads, Charging,
  • Personalizing iPads
  • Learning to use a core set of APPS
  • Google workflow on the iPads
  • Reflector
  • Troubleshooting
  • The Global Classroom
  • Creativity in the Classroom
  • Pedagogy with iPads
  • Classroom environment
  • Collaboration with peers (student collaboration)
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Digital citizenship
  • Take home model
  • Differentiation
  • ITunes U
  • iBooks

Interested in learning more?

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Written by Ann Feldmann @annfeldmann1

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