Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kindess Quits go from the Classroom to the Sarpy County Museum

3rd Grade Kids Kindness Project Goes from Classroom To Sarpy County Museum: CritterKin Quilts in Exhibit of 100 Historic & Modern Quilts!

“CritterKin Kindness Quilts” Celebration for Kids & Adults at the Museum with Author/Illustrator Jena Ball August 9!

(Bellevue, Nebraska July 21, 2014) --Two “CritterKin Kindness Quilts” created by forty-three 3rd graders at Bellevue Elementary School during an innovative multi-media Summer Reading Program are in the current Sarpy County Museum exhibit of more than 100 historic and modern quilts: Depression to Digital: Celebrating 80 Years of Quilting.  A fabric and digitally-enhanced paper kindness quilt (with embedded videos of kids) were inspired by the book Lead With Your Heart by author/illustrator Jena Ball.

A community event - for children and adults - to celebrate the students’ kindness quilts is planned for Saturday, August 9, 2014, (10:00 - 11:00 a.m., Press Invited). Special guests will include teachers from Bellevue Elementary School - Monica Evon and Brittany Braasch - who spearheaded the program and author/illustrator Jena Ball. The author and storyteller will be at the event “Live” via Google Hangout - the digital platform used by her for the many visits with the 3rd graders during the program.

“We’re thrilled to have the CritterKin quilts be a part of the quilts exhibit this year. Beyond their far-reaching impact in the classroom, the quilts offer a blend of one of America’s oldest traditions, alongside state of the art technology to provide a great educational experience,” said Ben Justman, Executive Director of the museum.  

Each component of the quilts – from the four large hearts at the center filled with words of kindness to the students’ individual squares – was designed by students as a tangible way to think about and express kindness. With the help of the author, master quilter Dana Doran, teachers and tech specialist Ann Feldmann, the students crafted the fabric and paper versions of the quilts. Teachers used Aurasma so people can look at the videos the kids created to go with the paper quilt.  

The 3rd graders read, blogged, sang, danced, took photos, made drawings and acted out the final chapter of Lead With Your Heart at a performance before a live audience in the school gymnasium.  Bellevue Elementary School Principal, Dr. Robert Ingram, said, “I have never seen such excitement and energy about a summer school opportunity for students and staff. Combining the reading of two books, drawing, writing, and interacting with Ms. Ball truly energized our thinking about empathy, compassion and respect. Our students and staff were so engaged. This has been a win/win for students and staff. Bravo!” 

Written by guest blogger 
Karin Lippert

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