Friday, August 15, 2014

One Way (or More) to Use One iPad in Your Classroom-Part 1

Have an iPad? Just one iPad? Wondering….what in the world will I do with one iPad and all my students? Well, you have a device in your hand that can help you and your students in so many unique ways. This is part one in a series of posts that will provide ideas for the one iPad classroom. The intent is to help save you time finding ways to use your device. Maybe you will try something new, and then help someone else try something new.

Become a Producer

Use a screen-casting/whiteboard app like Explain Everything or iMovie to record a lesson that is difficult for your students. Share the lesson on your YouTube channel or on your website. This will allow students to watch the video at home, pausing and replaying when necessary to help them understand the lesson.

Explain Everything

Noise Control

When students are working in pairs or groups, or even during study time, and you want to keep the noise level to a manageable roar, use one of the apps below and display your iPad to help your students maintain an appropriate noise level for the tasks at hand.

Too Noise Lite-Elementary
Noise Down-Secondary

Formative Assessment

Use the Plickers app and website to take quick formative assessments. Students do not need a device, only you do. Set up your classes and folders at the Plickers website. You can then create question on the website or using the app on your iPad or mobile device. Students are each given a "plicker" card that, when turned four different ways, will provide four different answers. You display the question using a projector, students hold up their card to answer and you use your device to "collect' the answers. You can immediately see a graph of the results which will allow you to reteach a concept if needed. Data is also kept on the website for you to reference later.

iPad Stations/Centers

Create an iPad station to be used during center time. There area a variety of ways to use these centers. Students could work individually or in pairs at centers. Students could use an app to record their reading for fluency, set a goal on a goal sheet and then re-record focusing on that goal. Lastly, fill out a self evaluation to be given to the teacher.
Use Front Row or Khan Academy to have students work on their individual skills. Have the students practice their spelling words using Spelling City. Use apps like Explain Everything to record, or show, their learning. Check out this blog by Mrs. Wideen (@mrswideen) for a number or iPad station ideas.

Written by Jeanette Carlson

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