Thursday, August 14, 2014

Setting up Student Assignment Folders is a Snap with gClass Folders

Do you want a slick way to efficiently organize, share, and collect student work?  Then gClassFolders is just what you need to set up an excellent paperless workflow for your classroom in just a few minutes.

How does this work?

Use an Add-on called gClassFolders which does all the work for you!  Here are six easy steps to follow to get your Google workflow started.

1.  Create a new spreadsheet in Google Drive. Click New --> Google Sheets

2.  Title the spreadsheet and add the gClassFolder Add-On. Click on Add-on from the drop down menu and search for gClassFolders.  Then click on the FREE button to install the script. 

3.  Next, click Add-ons from the drop down menu --> select gClass Folders --> Initial Setup. This will create the headings on the spreadsheet.

4.  Populate the spreadsheet with student first name, last name, and student gmail address.
***Note:  If you set up mail groups in your contacts, the student information can be exported from Google Contacts as a CSV file and information can be copied to the gClass Folders spreadsheet.

5.  After all the names are in the spreadsheet, you are ready to create the folders.  Click Add-ons-->gClassFolders-->Create Folders

6.  This process can take up to 15 minutes depending on the size of your spreadsheet.  When the script is done, you will receive a message like the one below that tells you how many folders were created.

You did it! Now you have a paperless workflow set up for the school year in just six easy steps.  

Written by Ann Feldmann

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